Library History

In the early 1930s a forward looking group of citizens, representing the alumni of the Fayette Normal School, secured the funds and purchased books which were presented to the community as a basis for a library.  The Alumni Association desired that these books be available to the school and to residents of this vicinity. 

In 1940 funds were acquired from the county, the intangible tax, to be used for the extension and promotion of library services.  At this time the Normal Memorial Library received the status of a public library, and since that time, has been subject to the laws of Ohio relating to public libraries.

Since 1944 the library has grown from a collection of 4,345 volumes to a present day collection of over 30,000 volumes.

On November 3, 1964, voters were asked to decide on a one and a fourth mil levy for the purpose of building a public library facility.  The library of over 14,000 volumes was currently being housed in the school building.  A good friend of the Fayette Community pledged a gift of $10,000.  In addition the Library Services and Construction Act made possible a grant of $36,946.  Total cost of the building was $84,070.  The building was completed and open house was held on January 8, 1967.